1 in 72 Canadians own real estate in Florida!  Are you one of them or are you looking into how to join the snowbirds?

Investor$Inc Prime Realty would be honored to help you accomplish your goal of buying or selling US real estate.

Did you know in Orlando, Fl there is a specific zoning in areas near the theme parks that allows for homeowners to rent their homes out nightly to tourists?  

Generally minimum leases are 7 months, but with the help of our office and our short term property management division, SnowBird Vacation Homes, we can help you set your property up for short term rentals.

Renting your second home out as a short term rental allows you the option to generate US income to pay for your second home while also enjoying a property that is increasing in value.

Investor$inc Prime Realty partners with a law firm that is licensed in the US and Canada who can help you set up the correct entity to purchase real estate to avoid double taxation. 

Investor$inc Prime Realty also partners with the Royal Bank of Canada to get you the best mortgage options.  Did you know your Canadian credit history can help you secure financing in the US?  Working with RBC gets you the best mortgage service when buying a home in Florida and we can connect you to our local agents.

Please give one of our team members a call today to speak about your desire to purchase real estate in Florida.

Our experienced International team will be happy to work with you to accomplish your goals. 

See you in the sunshine state!

- Brianna Sawyer

Broker of Record

Certified International Property Specialist