When you put in the time and effort to create a relationship with your clients and build their trust isn't it only fair that when you refer them to another broker that we split the commission?

When you refer a buyer or seller to me in Florida I pay a 50% Referral Fee!

Broker Referral Agreement.pdf  

Email me at briannasawyerrealtor@gmail.com for a signed Broker Referral Agreement form.  And please give me a call to discuss your prospect. 1-407-289-9271

Referral fee is guaranteed paid at closing with the signed broker referral agreement form. 

Why use a local Realtor?

I attend all closings personally to answer any and all questions, call the bank if necessary, and to make sure the home buyer has an overall positive closing experience and the day they get their keys is a day of celebration and not stress. 

If your customer purchases a new construction home an advantage of working with a local realtor is that through the construction process I am able to visit the home to take photos to update the home buyer, conduct required walk through of the property, and quality check the builders so when the buyer comes to view their property for the first time they are not walking into a construction site but a finished home. I walk the home with the builder and point out any and all flaws in the home before closing so the home is ready at closing.  I am on the new construction sites almost daily and keep a close relationship with construction managers.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease and I make sure that the builders are paying attention to the homes I have contracts on.  When the home buyers get to the closing table they are satisfied with the product and the experience.

If your buyer is interested in a existing home, if the listing agent is not familiar with international transactions you may have difficulty closing the deal.  I will set showings and accompany your referral to all viewings.  I will be present through the inspection process and negotiating any repairs or concessions that need to be addressed.

Post closing if the owner finds a problem with the home I assist with submitting the warranty issues, giving builders access to the property to make the repair, and following up to make sure the issues are fixed to the satisfaction of the buyer.

We all want repeat business from our clients and when you work with me I will continue to send 50% referral fees on any subsequent transactions.  By referring your buyers to me when they are ready to do a transaction again they will return to us because of the high quality of service they received when you first sent them to me.  Relationships are key and I would love the opportunity to gain your trust and theirs.

If your referral is interested in new construction occasionally builders work directly with agents out of the country.  If you send a buyer to the US to a specific builder and they see multiple other builders flags on their way to their destination you have no guarantee they will not stop at a non cooperating builder.  With the construction boom Central Florida is experiencing there are builder flags on every corner.